Never do these mistakes, your mobile phone battery can be ‘blast’

Never do these mistakes, your mobile phone battery can be ‘blast’

Several blasts in mobile phone batteries have surfaced in the past few years. Firstly, there was a burst of blueprint of the BL-5C battery of Nokia’s feature phones. After this, there have been many incidents in the last few years about the blasts of smartphones and accidents due to this.

In September last year, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has registered a complaint for a smartphone battery burst. This complaint has been filed by an American woman. According to the woman’s complaint, her phone became very hot when she was in the elevator. After this, he stopped using the phone and put the phone in the bag. Soon after, it sounded like a whistle. Some sounding bursts were also heard. After that, when he saw his purse, smoke was coming out in it.

A few days back, a man in Rajasthan was killed due to a smartphone battery explosion. Most of the accidents like smartphones or mobile phone bursts are due to our mistakes. Today we are giving you some advice to stop incidents like mobile phone battery bursts.
The blurring of the phone’s screen or the entire screen is going to Darkness.
The phone has to be repeated and hanging processing.
When talking, the phone generally gets more hot.
Do this like bad battery check

If you have the option to remove the phone’s battery, keep the battery on a table. After this, rotate it and see if the battery is bloated, it will move faster. If the battery revolves, stop using it.
The smartphone which has an inbuilt battery, can be identified by heat only. If the phone is heating up then get checked. Put the phone in charge by charging 20 percent of the battery. Do not let the batteries over run. After full battery power, more power supply is required to charge it on charging. Because of this, the battery can be blasted too.

Never make these mistakes

Never use duplicate chargers, batteries, etc. Use a brand of smartphones or mobile phones using the same brand charger.
Never let the charger pinch the pin. After you know the pin dry, put it on the charge.
Immediately change the phone’s battery when it’s bad Always use original battery.
Never charge the phone 100 percent. Charge the phone 80 to 90 percent only. Charging more than this, the phone can be overcharged and the danger of being blasted.
Do not leave mobile at any time by charging mobile at night. Doing this also affects the performance of the battery.
Never place the phone in a warm place or charge it.

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